Fire Up the Hydrants winners talk about their art

"The three local artists who won awards for the designs they painted on fire hydrants throughout downtown Athens each had a vision for their artwork." Yost’s winning design was meant to inform viewers about the diversity of marine life. “The inspiration behind my hydrant design was to draw attention to the biodiversity of freshwater fish, reptiles and amphibians that live in Georgia’s streams and lakes. As a scientific and medical illustrator, I find these creatures beautiful and fascinating and want to raise awareness to help reduce litter and pollution in the rivers,”… Since painting her hydrant, Yost has moved from Athens to Grenada. Yost said the artwork makes the fire hydrants interesting to people — and to the hydrants’ biggest fans, dogs. “I think this whole project was a fantastic idea,” Yost wrote. “Transforming an ordinary object into an eye-catching piece of art is a great way to add character to the already charming Athens, and promote the creative community.” by Hilary Butschek, Posted 03/26/2017 at 15:00

Athens Banner-Herald
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